Meet Worcester Bosch's next generation Greenstar Range

Building upon Worcester Bosch’s much-loved Greenstar CDi Classic range, Worcester Bosch are proud to introduce you to their newest additions, Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle.

A new high performance, design-led boiler, the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range has been developed following installer feedback and customer insight. The game-changing additions bring an all-new product range to the market, offering key features and benefits that will immediately appeal to your customers.

Style and substance

Style is the boiler of the future. It’s smart, it’s connected, it’s powerful and it’s the heart of your home, warming you and your family for years to come.

The Style range has been designed to suit your lifestyle, as well as your home. With an easy-to-use full colour display, and connectivity with the wireless Bosch EasyControl, you have the power to effortlessly control your home’s heating and hot water from anywhere.

Worcester Bosch’s new top of the range boiler is available in both high combi and system variants in addition to black and white.

Quietly keeping you warm

Not only does the Style range feature a fantastic new design, more power and greater connectivity, Worcester Bosch even made it one of their quietest boilers too.

Style has been designed to sit comfortably in any room of your home to keep you cosy in the cold winter months, and you may not even know it’s there.

Complete Control

Introducing Worcester Bosch’s first industry leading range of ‘RF Keys’ which simply plug into the boiler and is pre-paired with the programmer. The keys act as a wireless receiver between the control and the boiler to offer our customers a simple and stylish solution

Worcester Bosch’s Comfort+ ll RF and Bosch EasyControl can now be installed on the wall or placed on the new table stand.

Greenstar Intelligent Filling System

Worcester Bosch’s industry first, Greenstar Intelligent Filling System uses the latest innovative software to maintain optimum boiler pressure. If the system pressure becomes low, this revolutionary software allows the internal filling valve to automatically fill the heating system.

This system also prevents the boiler from over-filling and will alert you if the heating system is losing too much pressure. This reduces the need for unnecessary call outs.

Intuitive Style Boiler Display

Simple full text and colour display makes navigating through the boilers intuitive menu structure effortless.

The 8000 Style takes our engineers through the necessary commissioning procedure easily, while providing our engineers with all the information to complete the Benchmark Checklist quickly, meaning we can walk away knowing we have set the boiler to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency for you, our customer.

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